Color Changing Pirates Cotton Face Mask - Adult Size [PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION]

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Pirates Skull color changing, heat activated, revealing face mask made with cotton fabric

This mask is black at room temperature and quickly fades away to show the Pirate Skulls fabric when temp reaches above 72 Fahrenheit or from the heat of your breath.  The color changing fabric layer is coated in a non-toxic magical color changing dye. I've found the best way to clean it is to to wipe with a damp rag. If you wash it, please be very gentle! Hand wash only.

***Hand Made and Made to Order**

- 100% cotton fabric 
- Wire nose adjustable
- Double layer cotton fabric
- Double stitched
- Unisex
- Reusable
- Made in the USA
∙Tracked shipping

--Elastic ear bands are cut and secured with a toggle .

**Please note that pattern on the fabric may vary**